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Night Riding Fever

There is one night a week (every week) that my wife knows not to make any arrangements. No dinners, no events, no movies. Thursday morning is different. First I check the evening’s weather, not that it matters, but I need

10 true stories from most LBS

Things that drive bike shops crazy… 10 true stories from most local bike shops. First time biker/prospective buyer comes accompanied by a know-it-all mate who talks rubbish and the salesperson cannot tell him his talking crap because he doesn’t want

Are you a Rider…

… or a Cyclist? After decades of bicycle riding and seven-plus years of running a Local Bike Shop SJ and I have concluded that are essentially two types of mountain bikers – the cyclist and the rider. Neither one is

Rear Suspension explained

It is the technology that revolutionised Mountain Biking. Soft tail, Dual Suspension, Full Suspension, no matter what name you call it, having a rear shock paired with our front suspension has allowed us to do crazier, funner, gnarlier, better things

Drivetrain Wear… it happens

Cranks turn, cogs wear, chains stretch; that is the story with all bicycles. But it is often a misunderstood reality of cycling. Everything the chain touches will wear due to friction. The chain too will wear (stretch) causing the teeth on

Predictions for 2014

The biggest prediction for 2014, and this won’t be a surprise to most readers, is the official death of 26ers. The 2 largest bicycle manufacturers have decided to replace their 26er line-up. Along with their current very successful 29er range

The Best : PYGA 29er’s

The early prototype Pyga OneTen29 was the winner of the the recent Bicycling magazine 2012 29er shootout between 10 world class full suspension 29ers, the Pyga OneTen29 has clearly set a new benchmark that every other brand will be trying

650B or not 650B, that is the Question

26" 650B 29"

When we as a bicycle store heard about another wheel size in the form of 650B, we swore, shook our heads and banged our fists. Please, we don’t want to stock more tyres, tubes, rims, rim tape, spokes, wheels and bikes…

Buyer’s Guide to Disc Brakes

By Guy Kesteven, WMB & MBUK | Tuesday, Mar 1, 2011 | Posted on   Hydraulic disc brakes are now coming as standard on most mountain bikes, but what should you be looking for when it comes to shopping