Maintaining your bicycle should be as important to you as it is to us. We service all modern Mountain Bikes and Road Bicycles newer than 15 years old*, and we are very good & highly skilled. Our workshop is usually booked in advance (like a good hairdresser) so please call us or email us in advance to schedule your bicycle’s service, especially before the big races.

Unfortunately, we don’t service old bicycles*, tandems, BMX’s, electric converted bicycles, commuter bikes and kid’s bicycles**. Our experience, tooling, parts stock, pricing and patience is often not suitable for these more obscure or older bikes. Woodstock Cycle Works and Bicycle Maintenance Company are usually better alternatives for servicing these types of bicycles.

*How do you know if it is older than 15 years old? If it has less than 9 gears on the rear wheel or doesn’t have hydraulic disc brakes (MTB’s), then it is either older than 15 years or one of the types of bikes we generally don’t carry spares for.

**If it is a Specialized branded bicycle, or a bicycle purchased from us we will make an exception to all the rules above.

Most importantly, we are an official Specialized dealer and an endorsed Specialized workshop, and are therefore authorised to work on Specialized bicycles without any negative warranty implications.

Please read our 5 non-negotiable Terms & Conditions for accepting your bicycle for a service:

1. Various bicycle “noises” are a difficult gremlin to diagnose and resolve, and often require hours of work with lots of trial and error. As a result, we cannot always guarantee that we will resolve the issue. Under these difficult circumstances, we will charge by the hour to attempt to fix the cause of the noise. Even if we do fix the noise, it is often difficult to know if the fix will be a permanent or a temporary one, and only continued riding will give us the answer.

2. We will not do half jobs and will not be bullied into fixing one problem on a bike when there are a number of noticeable issues. For example, if your drive train is worn and your BB is shot, we will do both or neither. Bikes that leave our shop will be in the best condition they can be… we will not cut corners. Also, don’t consider booking in your bike for a service if you are not willing to replace the problem parts found in the service (in order to fix up your bike) which brings us to the next point below…

3. The cost of the services described below is for the labour (incl. storage, cleaning fluids, lubes, solvents & oils used) but they excludes parts & tubeless sealant. We don’t like phoning people to ask permission to fix and replace things and prefer to just get on with the job to get the bicycle right. However, we understand that this is not always ideal as your budget is not unlimited. To ensure that the job gets done properly without you receiving an unexpectedly high bill, we will spend up to the same cost of the service, on any unexpected parts needed before we contact you… when that cap is hit we will begin calling or emailing you to ask your permission. I.e. If you book your bike in for a Standard Service (R1600), we may spend up to an additional R1600 on unexpected parts before we contact you. This ensures your maximum bill before you get a phone call or email is R3200 (excluding the cost of any parts you may have agreed on before the service… e.g. a new tyre or a new chain). Obviously, you can waiver this agreement by just saying “do what needs to be done to make the bike perfect, I trust you”. This is the kind of customer we love! And if you’re a pessimist, ask yourself this, why would we ever try screw over this type of customer when we want their business forever!

4. We don’t like storing peoples bicycles as they take up valuable space in our limited storage area. If we have agreed to be completed on a certain date, we would like you to collect your bicycle within 3 days of that agreed date. If the bike is with us longer, we will begin to charge a R15 per day (incl Sunday) storage fee, and if it is not collected, we will sell the bicycle after 6 months to defray expenses. Private arrangements for short periods of time such as if you are away on holiday and unable to collect in time can be made.

5. We have entered the wonderful new age of E-Bikes! And it has affected the way we need to handle our business, especially in the workshop. Our Specialized Turbo’s, Levo’s and Kenevo’s are amazing machines and they have added a new dimension to the services we need to offer. Software updates, diagnostics, bug & error troubleshooting, and battery charging have made them a lot more time consuming than a standard bicycle. They are also bigger and bulkier to move and store, and they require new skills and tooling. As a result, in some cases the labour pricing on E-Bikes needs to be higher than a standard bike.

Here is a description of each of our Servicing levels and costs:
Note that the costs below are for labour (including greases, solvents & oils used). It excludes all parts & tubeless sealant fluid.

Pitstop: R250

  • Comprehensive Wash & Lube,
  • Test Ride & minor adjusting while riding,
  • Maintenance Report,
  • Any extra work will be charged per addition.

Mini (a.k.a. Minor) Service: R800
and E-Bike Mini Service*: R1000

  • All Pitstop points above, plus
  • Check, replace, clean & set brake pads, rotors, cables, levers.
  • Fit new brake cables and housing if required – (Road and V-Brake, excl Parts)
  • Adjust gears – barrels, derailleur front and rear, straighten hanger
  • Fit new gear cables and housing if required (excl. Parts)
  • Clean and lube seat post and secure saddle
  • Fit new tubes and/or tyres or add sealant or rotate tyres – if required/requested
  • *Included in E-bike Mini-Service: Specialized Turbo, Levo & Kenevo Software update

Standard (a.k.a. Major) Service: R1600
and E-Bike Standard Service**: R2000

  • All Mini Service and Pitstop points above, plus
  • Remove, clean, grease and refit headset (or replace)
  • Remove, clean, grease and refit bottom bracket (or replace)
  • Replace/service/lube freewheel body & bearings in hubs (if required)
  • True wheels, tighten & lube spoke nipples, replace few spokes – minor wheel work
  • Service/replace drive train – chain, cluster, crankset, chainrings, jockey wheels if required (excl. parts)
  • Refill tubeless tyres, fit new tubeless conversion, rim seal and valves (excl fluid & parts)
  • Check and adjust air pressure in fork and shock (only performed with owner present)
  • Standard Service will be charged if we have to completely strip & rebuild a Road bicycle for a Frame Repair or Frame Replacement
  • **Included in E-bike Standard Service: Engine covers/cranks/spider removed, cleaned out, greased & torqued (this is a common fix for creaks and squeaks on E-Bikes)

Super (a.k.a. Rebuild) Service: R2200
and E-Bike Super Service: R2600

  • All Standard Service, Mini Service and Pitstop points above, plus
  • Lube or replace all suspension pivot bearings (cost of new bearings not incl.)
  • Torque rear triangle and clean/lube pivots and replace rear shock bushes if required
  • Bleed disc brakes if required/requested
  • Replace hydraulic brake hoses if required/requested
  • Super Service will be charged if we have to completely strip & rebuild a Mountain bicycle or Ebike for a Frame Repair or Frame Replacement

Additional Services Offered not always included above:

  • Hourly rate: R500 per hour (charged in half hour increments)
  • Specialised engineering or paintwork: Contractors RRP + handling fee, min 5 days
  • Wheel Builds: complete wheel R600 (from new) or R800 (strip & rebuild), minor wheel work from R150
  • Tubeless Conversion: about R300 per wheel incl Tape, Valve & Sealant
  • Specialized Turbo, Kenevo and Levo Software Update: R300
  • Di2, AXS, E-Tap Software Update: R300
  • Fork/Shock/Dropper Service*: from R1300 to R2400 each, usually outsourced to professional suspension servicing centres. *min 4 days
  • Full Pivot Replacement*: labour R700 min (excl. cost of bearings),
  • Box/Unpack Bicycle: R150 for box (if needed), R200 labour
  • Random Bicycle Noises: R500/hour to attempt repair but there’s no guarantee that we’ll find it … or repair permanently.