Which customer are you?

Which customer are you?

Having your bicycle serviced to your satisfaction often depends on the accuracy and detail of your service request (and your budget).

You could be one of these customers . . .

The low-admin customer: do what needs to be done to make my bike smooth, clean and fast!

The fastidious customer: I’ll send you an e-mail or prepare a to-do list stating exactly what I want done.

The budget cyclist: book my under-serviced bike in for only a mini-service and e-mail/phone me if there are extra’s.

The many-hours-a-month rider: I want a Standard Service because my BB and headset take a beating

The Multi Stage Race rider: Super Service for me and check out the rear triangle (soft tail riders)

The DIY rider: Do just what I ask you to do and I’ll do the rest

A bicycle mechanic’s point of view:

My mission is to get you back on a bike so that you can enjoy riding and achieve your goal – whether it is going to the convenience store or winning your age category in the Wine 2 Whales!  The more you respect my skills and allow me to do what is required the more you’re likely to achieve your goal. I don’t like shortcuts because they backfire on me and on you! Repairing, preparing and servicing your bike is just about the only thing you can’t buy on-line and it is the very core of a bike shop’s offering – being a complete bike mechanic is an art that requires years of learning, experimenting, dedication and spending everyday on my feet.

A bike mechanic’s noisy nightmare:

‘There’s this creak (squeak/whine/rumble/squeal) coming from somewhere…..!’  If I’m lucky I’ll find it in a few minutes but I could spend the whole day on your bike and not find it. So, when it comes noises there are no guarantees.  Solution – if there is an irritating noise coming from your ride do everything you can to identify where it is coming from. Chat to us for some tips on finding these noises.

Your service choices (excludes parts):

R100 Pit Stop Wash and Lube – only the best ingredients

R350 Mini Service Brake pads, tyres, sealant top-up, gears, cabling

R550 Standard Service All the above and crank, BB and head set

R750 Super Service All the above, hubs, wheel true, brake bleed and complete strip and rebuild

Rear triangle, shock, fork, wheel building, carbon fibre repairs and engineering work quoted separately.


The Revolution Cycles Workshop Team

May 2012