Workshop Bookings Essential

Workshop Bookings Essential

A good bike workshop is a busy bike workshop. Revolution Cycles workshop is BUSY, requiring a week or two weeks e-mail/or telephonic booking. Our workshop gets hectic around big events like the Argus, the Epic, and the Sani. So BOOK NOW to avoid disappointment. Should you arrive with your bike for a service and discover we’re full for the week, please don’t leave it with us as we just don’t have the space. Also, try to collect your bike as close to the agreed collection date – again, space is valuable to us.

Our pre-service check-in is thorough. So, be patient – don’t rush the process. Help Anthony or the Stirlings (Senior and Junior) establish what you want and, especially, what your bike needs. We want you to walk out knowing what needs to be done – no surprises. Don’t ask us to take short cuts to save you money. We won’t. We want your bike to work the best it can because the quality of the ride is a reflection on us.

We love it when you collect your ride and say “Wow, my bike looks new” and the next time you see us – on the road, on the mountain, in the street or at a pub “Thank you, my bike is smooth, crisp and fast”. Your appreciation is our reward.

Walking in without a booking puts everyone under pressure. It slows down the process of getting booked bikes out in time. It interrupts a planned mechanical procedure. It can cause mistakes and affects accuracy on a bike currently on the work-stand.

So please book: 021 423 5191 or 021 424 5823 or e-mail and expect a booking around a week later.

Thank you. The Revolution Cycles Team.