Are you a Rider…

… or a Cyclist?

After decades of bicycle riding and seven-plus years of running a Local Bike Shop SJ and I have concluded that are essentially two types of mountain bikers – the cyclist and the rider. Neither one is better (or worse) than the other. Also, there are many that straddle the middle ground. In fact, it is unlikely that there is a single rider who falls 100% into either category.

After a night ride and a few beers around the fire, a group of our cycling and riding mates came up with this sometimes fun and sometimes serious list. The idea now is for you to have some fun working out whether you’re a CYCLIST or a RIDER by selecting the statement that most applies to you. You MUST make a choice – A or B.

My weapon of choice:

A. Lightweight XC hard tail/full suspension MTB
B. Trail/Enduro full suspension MTB


A. Shave my legs
B. Grow facial hair

A. Bib shorts/lycra
B. Baggies/shorts

A. No Peak
B. Peak

A. Leg warmers
B. Knee pads

A. Short-finger gloves
B. Long-finger gloves

A. Wear my fitness watch as a daily timepiece
B. Wear a real watch


A. Argus is a race
B. Argus is a newspaper

A. Stage and marathon races
B. Anything with lots of single track

A. Goal: fast time
B. Goal: fun time


A. stem
B. Short stem

A. Bar ends
B. Wide handlebar

A. Carbon seat post
B. Dropper seat post

A. Anything carbon
B. As long as it works

A. Bottles
B. Hydration pack

A. Second bike is a road bike
B. Second bike is another MTB

A. Lightweight saddle
B. Comfortable saddle

Recording my ride:

B. Strava

After my MTB ride/race:

A. Drink a recovery drink
B. Swig a beer!

A. Remain in my cycling clothes
B. Strip naked next to my car and put on my casuals.


A. Intervals and distance
B. Technical skills

A. Time trials
B. Trail time!

A. Crack of dawn
B. Whenever, but seldom early

When it rains:

A. Indoor trainer or gym session
B. Get wet and dirty

Tyre choice:

A. Lightweight & Low rolling resistance
B. Wide & knobby

Bike fit

A. Professional set up for maximum performance
B. Do it myself for my riding style

The next bike I buy is…

A. For my spouse or girl/boyfriend
B. Another bike for myself

My favourite question at the bike shop…

A. How much does it weigh?
B. How much travel does it have?

Preferred bike rack:

A. On the roof of my vehicle
B. Tow-bar carrier

My bike sleeps…

A. In the garage/storeroom
B. In the lounge/TV room

For Xmas I want…

A. A power meter
B. A GoPro Hero 3


Now that you’re finished give yourself 3 points for each A-choice and give yourself 1 point for each B-choice, and add up your total points

46 points or less means you are a cool rider out there looking for fun… but be careful not to be too-cool-for-school.

47 to 64 points means you are a cyclist at heart but a few style changes and you could be on your way to being a rider or a racing snake

65 points or more means you are a committed racing snake looking for results. Just remember to greet other riders when you are out on your training rides!